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Value Driven Solutions

for Successful Business Owners

Chelax Industries focus is small to mid size business owners who seek quality exit strategies partnering with hands on industry experts.  Chelax brings the ability to work with buyers and sellers who are ready to embark on their next stage of life & business.   We value win-win relationships and only profit when our customers complete their transaction.  Chelax represents both strategic & financial buyers creating the best opportunity for longevity and increased margin growth while recognizing the importance of  proper business integration, succession planning and cultural cohesiveness enhancing the financially successful transition for all parties.  We love to consult!








Buy Side



 Sell Side



Chelax was created with you in mind.   In today's hustle & always connected world, not enough people are slowing down to actually enjoy life and their surroundings.  Chelax is a play on words.  It is the combination of Chill & Relax --- thus Chelax.  Chelax focuses on the hands on, multi-hat wearing business owner.  The individual that is likely self made, evolved through the business, fearless of hardwork, believes their greatest lessons are a result of their previous failures, and is dedicated to successful communication & relationships.   The principals of Chelax are educated, hard working, down to earth business leaders that each have 20+ years managing business, people and P&L.   Our goal is to alleviate our customer's concerns within the buy/sell process while allowing the principals within Chelax to maximize the realization of your company's value.


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