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Keep Calm & Exit Right

Business by definition is the pursuit of profit. For the entrepreneur and the truly driven; driven to want more, to do more, to need more, the desire to succeed is both a blessing and a curse. This self-induced pressure (SIP) is undeniable. From mere conception life has been a battle to survive and succeed. Technology is rapidly advancing, service jobs are being eliminated with robotics, and cheaper labor shifts jobs outside of the United States. Recently Stephen Hawking warned that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the ability to crush Earth in less than 100 years. We have increased global fighting over commodities and governments' “interests” in near record proportion. We are teaching our children to “go to college” where tuition rates have doubled and tripled over recent years.

There are countless podcasts, public speakers, VLOG & Bloggers ready to tell us how we should live our daily lives and go out and “kick some butt” and make a million bucks. But is that really what life is all about? Is success today simply defined by money? Is that what TV & the internet & social media sensationalizes? Early to bed, early to rise makes the person healthy, wealthy & wise. Well what if you don’t like to go to bed early? What if you want to sleep in until 9 AM? And is college really for everyone? What about teaching trades early such as welding, electricity, carpentry, heavy equipment operation? While teaching our kids to “make money” instead of “change the world” we are sensationalizing glamour and fame with social media photos of the “perfect life” thus creating these false expectations of reality.

There are countless books on “success” many of which I have read cover to cover. Selling success. Management success. Health success. Relationship success. Business success. Saving success. Work life balance success. Sports success. Here is a summary: Get on a routine. Go to bed early, get up early. If you can function on 5,6,7 hours of sleep, then do it. Eat well. Smoothies in the morning — green ones. Drink tea, give up soda and monitor coffee intake (tea preferred). Meditate. Stretch. Consider yoga. Get massages when you can. Breathe. Drink lots of water. Minimize alcohol. Limit red meat. Red wine is good. Quit smoking. Go to the doctor, get blood work done. “Stuff” doesn’t make you happy. Life is 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it. Be yourself, even if you are weird. Listen to music. Challenge your ideas. If you have a business, raise your prices. If something you are considering isn’t “hell yes!” then don’t do it. Delegate at the office. Be grateful. Show empathy. Lead your business by being a servant to your staff and your customers. Spend as little time doing what you hate. Embrace pain, it only makes you stronger. Minimize anxiety. Failure is overrated. Avoid trends. Calm is contagious. Take hot baths. Consider cold plunges. Sweat. Diversify every area of your life. Be a good public speaker. Either be an active leader of your business or get out of it. Laugh. Be funny. Enjoy spontaneity. Zig when others Zag. Be creative — creativity equals growth, happiness & retention. Don’t make success complicated. When you make a mistake, own it, apologize for it, learn from it and move on. Don’t look back, you can’t do anything about what’s behind you. Get outdoors. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your friends. Focus on your faith. Give back. Bring others with you.

Life isn’t getting any easier & the world isn't getting less complicated. There are no shortcuts, magic wands or miracle pills. HARD WORK is the only path, but that doesn't mean hard work has to be forever. Operating a business challenges the entrepreneur in every possibly fashion. The drive required to be successful, to attract & retain both customers and employees alike is often overwhelming. The time requirement often keeps us distracted from our families; even when we are present we are often mentally somewhere else. Self doubt is a daily battle, and so too is the fear of that dreaded phone call where something drastically has gone wrong at work. We have to admire the successful entrepreneur. Those successes came with plenty of pain encapsulated by trial and error. As a business owner, when you have decided that enough is enough and you’re ready to transition to the things most important in life ---- family, friends, faith and fun, let CHELAX optimize your EXIT strategy. There is nothing better than going out on top. Life is short —— you deserve to chill & relax!

Clint Guth

Clint is a 20 year transportation executive having operated multiple locations simultaneously while overseeing several hundred employees. Clint’s dedication to employees, customers and transitional management combined with his extensive operations experience provides insight to buyer & seller only found through years of hands on know-how.

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