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Chelax Guides Exits in 2017 & Q1 2018

Several transactions were consummated with the assistance of Chelax Industries in 2017 as well as Q1 2018. One such transaction finalized in Las Vegas, Nevada when a large US corporation decided to exit a smaller transportation subsidiary when a significant real estate portfolio was sold. The seller retained Chelax Industries & Clint Guth. The sale was successfully finalized in less than 120 days and a new family owned company from the Midwest opened a new location in Las Vegas helping to employ any displaced team members. "Buyer and seller were both motivated to make a deal and each party had considerable life experience & trust with Clint. The transaction went as smooth as could be expected." In fact, Clint and Chelax took this sale a step further by assisting in locating a property which the new entity could fully operate immediately minimizing any service disruptions.

Chelax assisted with another smaller acquisition in Dallas Fort Worth. This owner operator was wearing all the hats; part time driver, mechanic, sales, operations, accounting, HR --- you name it. "It just came time to find a partner where I could apply the expertise and knowledge but let them handle all those things that owner operators get tired of handling ...." The deal was small, the fee even smaller, but Chelax Industries will always make time to help even the smallest of business owners.

Early in 2018, after more than 40 years of business in the San Francisco Bay Area, another well known ground transportation supplier agreed to throw in the towel and focus on more relaxing times. The family had overcome a death and other illness, and the principal decided enough was enough. Chelax successfully helped the exit within 90 days providing a pain free transition while maximizing asset valuations. "I needed someone I could trust. I needed someone that knew the industry. Retaining Clint Guth and Chelax Industries was a no brainer...."

Chelax has 5 very nice transportation opportunities for 2018 as well as a very clear path for a solid regional consolidation. These operations range in sales from $500K per year to well over $20M in annual sales. The ground transportation providers are diverse from sedan, suv, van, minibus (cutaway) & motorcoach operations. If you are considering EXIT strategies, or you want to purchase a ground transportation company, please reach out to Clint Guth & Chelax Industries ----- put 25 years of real know how experience to work for you!

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