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Ground Transportation in 2021

The Group Travel Industry will be forever changed by the lessons and impact of COVID-19. Beyond the operational, physical health and mortality concerns (which is paramount) many within the ground transportation industry are fighting for their businesses' economic survival. Chelax Industries is here to help our clients gain a clearer perspective on expectation levels within the group travel market while identifying key deliverables promoting financial survival.

Three items we guarantee for the people moving group transportation industry in 2021:

1. Of the nearly 3,000 motorcoach operations currently in the United States, we will see considerable contraction with permanent company closures. 2. With the $2B legislated within the CERTS Act / Federal Relief package which we advocated with the Gang of 12 (feel free to ask), this relief will ease the pain for many operators providing a pathway to recovery or CONSOLIDATION (however) 3. Many companies will continue to kick the can down the road by the grace of their lenders and insurers with payment deferrals, but this will come to an end at some point in 2021 further exasperating the need for an EXIT STRATEGY.

Chelax not only assists operators with strategic planning, asset analysis and Exit Strategy options, but we also work with financial lenders providing insight within their portfolio to navigate the murky terrain left in the wake of COVID-19. If you or your institution would like to discuss options for your ground transportation company or portfolio, please reach out to Clint Guth directly: .


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